All of us have had our normal life routine disrupted, which is very discombobulating……(a fun word for confusing!).  Many of us now find ourselves confined in our homes, some alone, some with families or housemates.

The temptation might be to roll out of bed, slop around in our PJ’s, grab a bite to eat, leave the dishes unwashed and blob on the couch and watch too much TV.  Fine for a bit but things can unravel from here  if dragged on too long.

A suggestion for a coping strategy is to ensure you maintain or introduce some routine into your days.  Here are some ideas for you to pick or choose, or stimulate some of your own:

Make your bed when you get up

Set a goal or having breakfast by a certain time

Ensure you have at least one communal meal if you’re with others.   How about a virtual meal with someone if you are on your own?    Clear up straight afterwards so you don’t get despondent with dirty dishes hanging around

Make a regular time to exercise.  Low motivation?  Zoom in with some friends and do a session together!  Invent a funky dance move or get out the hula hoops!  Have a giggle. It doesn’t have to be serious – just get your heart rate up and sweat!

Make a regular time to connect with a friend(s) or family online

Set aside some time to research or study or do something you’ve put off for a while and now you have a chance!  Or schedule a time when you play a board game, solitaire or so a crossword

Programme in your favourite TV show


Our planet has a routine.  It continues to turn, fortunately for us.  The sun goes up and the sun goes down.  Create your own rhythm to this new world tune.


Wishing  you well as you stay hygienically safe and mentally healthy.  Claire