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Claire has been engaged by a variety of organisations and individuals as a Coach/Mentor, working alongside Executives and Managers to navigate issues ranging from company ownership and organisational direction to team and personal performance and career development. Claire is a volunteer mentor with the Queensland Government Mentor for Growth programme for small business.


Claire Stirling: Executive Coach

Claire Stirling is Principal Consultant and Executive Coach at Stirling Coaching.   Practising since 2015, Claire coaches and mentors clients locally where she lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, more widely around Australia and internationally.  

Claire qualified as a Performance Coach with The Coaching Academy in London.   She hones into key issues quickly, tuning into her client’s needs.  With strong skills in strategic thinking and analysis she listens carefully, asking pertinent questions to raise awareness of options, risks and benefits, probing the appetite for change and supporting clients on their journey.

Claire brings broad experience of life, work and performance sport to her clients.    She studied for her Executive MBA at CASS Business School in the City of London whilst working for ParalympicsGB.   In her role of performance manager she introduced significant change to the three sports she was working across, travelling to Beijing for the 2008 Paralympic Games with one of her client sports, disability shooting, returning with a Gold medal.  

A former international distance runner and US scholar/athlete herself, Claire has built and led teams which have achieved sustained world class sporting performances for ParalympicsGB, the English Institute of Sport and the Lawn Tennis Association.   She served on the Board of Triathlon England as Independent Director for Business between 2015 and 2018 before coming to live in Australia from the UK. 

An experienced relationship manager and facilitator, Claire enjoys working with a wide range of people, bringing her training and experience to help clients navigate significant change, set goals, identify manageable steps and draw on their motivation to move towards them.   

Through a robust and empathetic coaching process Claire supports her clients to make positive business, life and career changes, increase their personal impact and improve team performance.   For larger engagements, Claire can draw on an excellent  network.

For more background, check Claire’s LinkedIn Profile.

Business Coaching

Business performance for business owners and leaders.

Is your business operating without clear purpose?

Is your business confidence challenged?

Business coaching empowers you to confidently navigate your organisation forward, creating the space, time and critical thinking to:

  • formulate your business strategy
  • work through options and risks
  • analyse underlying business drivers
  • reposition yourself in a competitive marketplace

Business Coaching Testimonials

‘I support business owners and leaders shape organisational direction, evolve culture and raise performance.’
Claire Stirling

Claire is skilled at asking insightful questions that shine a light into your business, asking questions appropriate to your situation.  She can work with you to explore options for growth, profitability and market position, engage your team and nurture a performance culture.

Coach/Mentoring packages are tailored to the needs of your business and your budget to support, strengthen or diversify your business.

Business Health Checks can identify key issues and help set out a roadmap for resolution either stand alone or alongside to Executive Coaching.

Business Health Checks

For a small business of under 10 employees, a Business Health Check typically involves:

  • Site visit
  • 1:1 structured interview with the business owner/director
  • Structured conversations/meetings with 2-3 nominated people in the business

A written report covering the key areas to watch as well as opportunities for growth is produced, informed by the information gained from the interviews conducted and company information provided.

For larger companies, a similar process informs a Business Health Check but with more structured 1:1 interviews to ensure all key areas of the business are considered, supplemented with desktop research where appropriate.

Executive Coaching

Coaching and mentoring for organisational leaders, business managers and team leaders.

Sometimes work and life can look like a mishmash of options.  Navigating the terrain is not intuitive.

Executive Coaching offers constructive questioning to help you critically analyse and prioritise, work through management challenges and reflect on personal work performance and influence.

You are afforded the time, space and constructive challenge to plan your career path and tackle work challenges in different ways, building your confidence, management tool kit and career direction.

Claire has been engaged by a variety of organisations and individuals as a Coach/Mentor, working alongside Executives and Managers to navigate issues ranging from company ownership and organisational direction to team and personal performance and career development. Claire is a volunteer mentor with the Queensland Government Mentor for Growth programme for small business.

‘Coaching is a process which involves the whole person. I Coach and Mentor Executives, working with individuals who seek heightened personal impact and career progression and instilling confidence in decision-making.’
Claire Stirling

Executive Coach/Mentoring Packages

The coaching process is a series of open and honest conversations with a completely objective person who is on your side. These conversations can be face to face, over the phone or electronic media and last between 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

A minimum package of three coaching sessions is recommended for impact after an initial consultation, a few weeks up to a month apart to ensure momentum, supplemented with interim email/text/phone conversations as appropriate.    The topic of each coaching session is client-led.   The client leaves each coaching session with agreed actions which are reviewed at the next session.   Actions are the stepping-stones to change.

Executive Coaching/Mentoring Packages are available for 4, 6 or 8 months.  These are designed to the needs and schedule of the individual and are usually conducted over the phone, Skype or other social media unless it is cost-effective to meet face to face. 

Contact Claire for a no-obligation exploratory session.  Coaching packages are tailored as appropriate to your needs and budget.


To support people adjust to the massive changes brought on by the global response to the coronavirus pandemic, Stirling Coaching is offering the following discounted online coaching packages; a business package and a support package.

Both packages are for x5 coaching sessions, each session up to 40 minutes long by zoom, skype or phone, to be taken by 30th June 2020.

Support package: discussion areas can range from life to work. 5×40 minutes over zoom, skype or the phone, $450 (Australian dollars).

Business package: to support business owners and leaders, 5×40 minutes over zoom, skype or the phone, $900 (Australian dollars).

Claire can help you develop personal coping strategies for the long periods now spent at home, help you set routines and boundaries, re-shape goals and priorities, re-strategise your business and motivate your people.

Claire Stirling coaches from the Gold Coast of Australia which is UTC+10hrs.   She works flexibly to meet client timeframes wherever possible, between the hours of 0900 and 2100 hours local time, 7 days a week Monday to Sunday.

Contact Claire for a no-obligation exploratory session.  Coaching packages are tailored as appropriate to your needs and budget.

Board and Strategy Facilitation

Facilitation for Board dynamics, strategic options and change.

Leaders set the tone and vision of an organisation.

An external facilitator can bring a neutral dynamic to Board discussion and assist the Chair in facilitating constructive dialogue and challenge, whether conquering new markets, or branching out into unchartered territory.

Executive MBA-qualified from CASS Business School in London with Board experience as a Non-Executive Director, Claire has operational insight into Board dynamics which positions her well as an impartial, confidential outsider.

A strategic thinker, Claire can support a Board Chair encourage discussion around strategic options and in emotive or sensitive situations where an impartial outsider lends a helpful dynamic.

With experience as a Non-Executive Director, Claire can support a Chair with Board dynamics and strategy facilitation.

Team Performance

Goal setting, role clarification, effective communication, trust.

  • Is your team environment cramping your style?
  • Are you grouped for a common purpose you’re not altogether sure of?
  • Are you uncomfortable asking your colleagues for space, help or clarification?

Team facilitation and group coaching helps clarify roles and responsibilities and facilitates effective communication.

Members gain clarity on how their role and responsibilities relate to others and their contribution to the group purpose.

Claire is experienced in facilitating discussions with Executive and Operational teams.

She facilitates more effective team performance through drawing out key issues, finding common ground, facilitating clarity of ownership and commitment to agreed actions.

Her skills are particularly valuable when exploring the impact of change and strategic decisions.

Team Performance Testimonials

Personal Growth

Life Changes    Life Challenges    Personal Growth    Confidence    Mindfulness    Career

When you match up the things you value in life with the goals you set for yourself, you align your motivation.

It becomes easier for you to take action as you feel confident in the decisions you are making, as you set personal goals and bridge from where you are now to where you want to go.

Coaching raises awareness of your strengths, the resources available to you at any time and your motivations.  You benefit from a greater understanding of yourself, in addition to finding a way forward from your current situation.

Opportunities open to us when we are receptive to them.  The support from a coach helps you define what you want, why you want it and what you can do at any time to get there, breaking these steps down so they are manageable.

Personal coaching gives you the space for reflection, affording you the opportunity to recognise what drives you and re-visit your core purpose.

Improved self-awareness stays with you.  It has an ongoing, positive impact on your decision making, which is more likely to bring you success and fulfilment.

Coaching supports you to make significant, positive and lasting changes in how you approach life.  The starting position is that you are a resourceful person who, with the right support, can solve your own problems and set your own direction.

Claire has worked to great effect with individuals seeking support in making key personal and professional life changes.  Claire supports each client individually to explore options, test underlying motivation and put in place action steps along a path of change.

Personal Growth Testimonials

‘Coaching is a process which involves the whole person.  I coach individuals navigating significant change and decision making in their personal lives as well as professional lives.’
Claire Stirling

‘Individuals who feel in control of their own destiny are happier, healthier and more confident in their lives and relationships.  This in turn brings success.’
Claire Stirling

About Coaching

People seek out a coach for a variety of reasons. A good coach helps you navigate issues and support you personally, giving you confidence in your decision making as you take the steps towards growth and change.

Some examples of why a person might seek the support of a business or personal coach:

  • You want to grow your business or progress your career and would like to ensure you’ve considered all options
  • You know change is required but are unsure where to start
  • You would like an objective, knowledgeable and trustworthy sounding board who isn’t in your circle of family, friends or work
  • You want to be sure of your decision making
  • You have several options but are uncertain which one to take
  • You’ve had a few knocks and want to get back on track
  • You know what you want, but struggle to find the time to make the changes
  • You keep procrastinating; your motivation has taken a hit and you could do with some support

Why Coaching?

Coaching sessions may last from 30minutes to an hour, a week or several weeks apart, supplemented with interim email/text/phone conversations as appropriate. The scheduling and duration of a series of coaching is agreed upfront, tailored to your needs and budget.  

The topic of every coaching session is client-led. After each session you, the client, leaves with actions you have identified to take you forward. These are reviewed at the next session. Actions are the stepping-stones to change.

Coaching sessions come in a package of at least three after an initial exploratory session to clarify what you are wanting to achieve. The exploratory session gives you the opportunity to sound out whether you would like to work with the Claire and discuss coaching options appropriate to your needs and budget.

Get in Touch

Wherever you are, if you have a telephone or internet connection, Claire can connect with you.

Finding out more and exploring if coaching is right for you won’t cost you anything.  A no-obligation discussion over the phone or by Skype can be held at a mutually convenient time.

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