This page is a useful crib-sheet of the business areas as a business coach I can help you with.

I am an advocate of not re-inventing the wheel, also of giving credit where credit is due. Therefore I dedicate the page to my business insurer – CGU Insurance via Insurance Made Easy

Accepted Duties of a Business Coach:

  • Coaching Executive and/or Team Members in sales, marketing, client relations, internal processes, administration and workflows, suitability of staff in specific roles, team building and facilitation, focus, leadership
  • Assisting Executives with operations, sales, marketing and client relations services
  • Sounding board time, hearing the Executives challenges and asking questions to enable them to make relevant decisions
  • Simplistic overview of financial achievements & intentions (No advice or investment strategies)
  • Introduction of new products and/or services
  • Business Planning, accountability of actions, timelines and progress
  • Analysis of lead generation, commission rates, number of transactions, average $ sales, margins
  • Benchmarking and analysing business performance (in the context of strategic alignment and employee activity / engagement) and then working with businesses to improve the alignment and resolve any deficiencies in a structured, planned way
  • Training of team, refining, delivery and distributions. Defining structure to maximise employee performance
  • Introduction of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.
  • Culture defining and possible re-defining, evaluating ethos and spirit of the business
  • Time Management and productivity
  • Goal and vision accomplishment, clarified and mapped
  • Work with business owners to identify and assist to mitigate risk areas in a business, primarily focussed on HR/IR/OHS
  • Recruitment consulting / employment conditions. Ensuring HR Systems are in place and understood by the entire team
  • Referral to panel of industry segment specialists, ie Accountant, Lawyer etc.
  • Behavioural Analysis